Two participants in the competition category “Vegetables” with their products.
Photo: D. Diehl


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Innovation takes place not only in laboratories, and disseminating knowledge need not depend on classrooms. The Cambodian GIZ project “Best Farmer 2012” is an example of how achievements of small-scale farmers can be appreciated and their co-farmers can simultaneously benefit from new insights.

In late 2012, GIZ outlined and implemented the project “Innovation Competition and Agricultural Show (Best Farmer 2012)” in Cambodia. The mission of this project was to bring together rural small-scale farmers in a collaborative manner to learn from each other’s capabilities and to celebrate rural live and the value of villagers in Cambodian society. In total, GIZ ran three shows in the Kampong Thom district in central Cambodia in December 2012. The aim was to create a public platform where small-scale farmers’ achievements are presented and honoured and which, in contrast to other competing exhibitions, is open to all interested participants and not driven by commercial interests. Also, best-practice and knowledge exchange between local small-scale farmers was to be realised as well as the creation of linkages between the public and private sector. Finally, the events sought to strengthen farmer-driven innovative development by publically rewarding the most successful farmers via radio/TV broadcasting.

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