Public support has dramatically strengthened food availability with increasing yields. The total yield of grain production exceeded 400 million tons in 1984, and it reached a level of over 500 million tons in 2010. The yield of edible oil went beyond 16 million tons in 1990 and doubled in 2010. The output of meat production was counted for 29 million tons in 1990, and it had increased by 189 per cent by 2012.

Effects of the reform processes on poverty reduction

Agricultural growth during 1978–1985 as well as an accelerated process of industrialisation and urbanisation since the 1990s enabled a majority of rural households to attain food security and get out of poverty. The Table below shows that an average household’s grain output commercialisation rate increases as the area of its farmland is gradually reduced. The share of non-agricultural labour has risen, while the proportion of the farming income has declined in the total income of the household.