At the G20 Conference in Berlin, representatives of the Rural Future Lab presented Federal Minister Gerd Müller (left) the results of their deliberations and their demands for the future of rural regions.
Photo: Ralf Rühmeier


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An SMS survey among 10,000 young Africans in rural regions confirms what has already been learnt from research and practice – and nevertheless contains a number of surprises.

There are many studies on young people in sub-Saharan Africa, also with regard to the situation in rural regions and the prospects for rural youth. However, to mark the year of the German G20 Presidency, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) decided not to talk about the young people in Africa but with them: at workshops, during a “Rural Future Lab” and at an International Conference on the Rural Future in Berlin in late April 2017 (also see articles "Creating the political momentum" and "We urgently require more public and private investments"). It seemed appropriate to complement the voices of the young experts heard there with a sound information and data base. In Africa, for every 100 inhabitants, there are an average of 81 mobile phone connections. Therefore, an SMS-based survey offered the opportunity to have quick access to a large number of young people living in rural areas not linked to the Internet (see Box).

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