No country is on track to achieve the global nutrition targets established by the World Health Assembly, says the Global Nutrition Report 2015.[more]



There is relatively little information on how mixed crop-livestock systems may be affected by changes in climate and climate variability, says a new paper published by CGIAR scientists.[more]



The agricultural sector in Africa is perceived to remain one of the most important economically; as the sector accounts for around 25 per cent of Africa‘s GDP. However, productivity and yields in sub-Saharan Africa are amongst...[more]

Cocoa production


While the global demand for cocoa continues to grow, in some countries, the production levels of cocoa are under threat. A study by Bioversity International suggests to invest into high-yielding varieties to meet the growing...[more]



Experts warn that caution must be taken to ensure that interventions made in the name of biodiversity, health or other sectors do not compound but rather help to face the public health and conservation challenges.[more]



Whether it is seeds saved by farmers from their own crops, bought from a market or shop, exchanged with friends and neighbours; community seed banks play an important role in the conservation and use of agricultural biodiversity,...[more]



Corruption considerably reduces the economic success of countries in the South, according to a study compiled by the Committee on Development of the European Parliament. Despite numerous initiatives against illegal money...[more]



Migration holds a huge potential both for people’s countries of origin and for the countries of destination. Often, however, they are not made use of. In addition, migration is frequently forced and entails considerable dangers,...[more]



Years of low rainfall can lead to much lower incomes, particularly in rural areas where people depend more heavily on agriculture for their livelihoods. The study shows that exposure to shocks especially at the country level is...[more]

Food security


Eliminating chronic undernourishment by 2030 is a key element of the proposed Sustainable Development Goal 2 of the new post-2015 agenda to be adopted by the international community later this year. However, a "business as usual"...[more]

Food security


Real prices for global agricultural products will continue their gradual decline over the coming decade due to a combination of strong crop yields, higher productivity and slower growth in global demand warn OECD and FAO in a new...[more]



Regional integration is important to boost agricultural growth in West Africa, says a report published by AfDB, FAO and ECOWAS. The report also finds that more attention needs to be placed on the downstream segment of the...[more]



Fisheries and aquaculture not only support livelihoods but they also generate significant government revenue and foreign currency. However, both fisheries and aquaculture require good governance and careful management to be...[more]



A study conducted by the NGO GRAIN and the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA) takes a look at the increasing privatisation of land and seed in Africa and the consequences arising from this for the continent’s...[more]



While much effort has been invested in preventing and reducing child labour in the production sector of export crops such as cocoa, coffee and cotton; child labour on family farms has remained untouched, says FAO report.[more]

Plant breeding


An illustrated guide on how best to produce clean banana planting material notes that much yield losses come about as a result of planting material infected by pests and diseases.[more]



The rights to water, land and food are inseparably linked. And it is often perceived that the policies regarding their use and governance are also developed in an all inclusive way, if the fight against poverty and food...[more]



Nearly a quarter of damages wrought by natural disasters on the developing world are borne by the agricultural sector. Building resilience of livelihoods to threats and crises must therefore be the top priority, FAO demands.[more]


16 October 2015 - Stuttgart (Hohenheim), Germany

World Food Day Colloquium 2015
Grasslands - secret resource for a hungry world?

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27-28 October 2015 - Berlin, Germany

IEA Bioenergy Conference 2015

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1-5 November 2015 - Antalya, Turkey

2nd International Plant Breeding Congress

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6-7 November 2015 - Hannover, Germany

73th International Conference Agricultural Engineering

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19-22 November 2015 - Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria Hotel Manila, Philippines

Moringa Symposium and Congress

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23-24 November 2015 - Berlin, Germany

International Conference „Innovative Biobased Products: Opportunities for substituting non-renewable resources“

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25 November  2015 - Berlin, Germany

The Global Bioeconomy Summit (Call for Contributions - Interactive Session

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5-6 December 2015 - Palais des Congrès de Paris, France

The 2015 Global Landscapes Forum

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17-22 July 2016 - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Tenth International Rangeland Congress (IRC) “The Future Management of Grazing and Wild Lands in a High Tech World”

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