Biodiversity 28.09.2016

This report perceives that seed diversity is being eroded and community based seed systems are under threat. [more]

Rural development 21.09.2016

States must invest in rural people, technology, infrastructure, social protection and - especially - strong institutions, says IFAD report.[more]

Biodiversity 14.09.2016

The report urges all stakeholders to do more to effectively protect the world’s most biologically diverse spaces.[more]

Africa 07.09.2016

The African Development Report 2015 highlights the intermediating role of various forms of inequality that limit the transformation of Africa’s growth into prosperity for all.[more]

SDGs 25.08.2016

Issues addressed in the 2016 “Spotlight on Sustainable Development” report include an assessment of the transformation of agricultural and food systems in order to achieve SDG 2.[more]

SDGs 17.08.2016

With the involvement of diverse stakeholders, the face of development has changed. This report notes that there is an urgent need to mobilise unprecedented resources to achieve the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).[more]

Forestry 10.08.2016

Agriculture remains the most significant driver of global deforestation, and there is an urgent need to promote more positive interactions between agriculture and forestry, notes SOFO report.[more]

Food security 03.08.2016

How can the notion of food sovereignty be reconciled with the need to generate foreign exchange? What is the role of government policy in food sovereignty? Does the need to feed the population restrict ecological and...[more]

Bioenergy 27.07.2016

Energy and food security can be simultaneously improved through well-designed biofuel and bioenergy development programmes, says a report released by a team of experts from ten institutions. The report also seeks to debunk some...[more]

Fisheries 15.07.2016

Despite notable progress in some areas, the state of the world's marine resources has not improved over the last decade. The Food and Agriculture Organization’s new State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture report highlights the...[more]

Food security 08.07.2016

This 2016-2025 Outlook report perceives that significant production growth is needed to meet the expanding demand for food, feed and raw products for industrial uses, and all of these have to be done in a sustainable way.[more]

Nutrition 06.07.2016

The pulication brings together the most intriguing stories from the past five decades to show what works in nutrition, what does not, and the factors that contribute to success.[more]

Forestry 29.06.2016

This WWF report explores ways to create business solutions for deforestation-free trade chains in Asia.[more]

Nutrition 23.06.2016

Malnutrition and diet are by far the biggest risk factors for the global burden of disease: every country is facing a serious public health challenge from malnutrition, notes the Global Nutrition Report 2016.[more]

Biodiversity 15.06.2016

The FAO publication provides an overview on pulses and the ways they benefit nutrition, health, biodiversity and food security.[more]

Food security 10.06.2016

Tackling high levels of food insecurity calls for innovative policy approaches that recognise that geography matters, perceives OECD report.[more]


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World Water Congress & Exhibition

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Foodsecure Final Conference

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International Green Week

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3rd International Congress Hidden Hunger

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