While much effort has been invested in preventing and reducing child labour in the production sector of export crops such as cocoa, coffee and cotton; child labour on family farms has remained untouched, says FAO report.[more]

Plant breeding


An illustrated guide on how best to produce clean banana planting material notes that much yield losses come about as a result of planting material infected by pests and diseases.[more]



The rights to water, land and food are inseparably linked. And it is often perceived that the policies regarding their use and governance are also developed in an all inclusive way, if the fight against poverty and food...[more]



Nearly a quarter of damages wrought by natural disasters on the developing world are borne by the agricultural sector. Building resilience of livelihoods to threats and crises must therefore be the top priority, FAO demands.[more]



The report of the OECD Green Growth Studies series summarises the current situation in fisheries and aquaculture, observing that in many parts of the world these sectors are at risk and do not reach their full potential. [more]

Food security


72 countries have achieved the Millennium Development target of halving the proportion of chronically undernourished according to the report The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2015 – SOFI, published in May 2015.[more]



The Biodiversity for Food and Nutrition Initiative is co-ordinating a project on conservation and sustainable use for improved nutrition in Brazil, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Turkey. A brief Bioversity International report gives an...[more]

Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals entails an immense demand for natural resources. This could threaten global ecological development, a new study warns.[more]



East coast fever already threatens some 30 million cattle in East and Central Africa. According to ILRI, death and disease from this parasite has not only caused great financial losses but is also challenging the livelihoods of...[more]



Traditionally, geothermal energy has been utilised mainly to generate electricity; however, according to FAO, it can be harnessed for other important uses in agriculture and agro-industry.[more]



According to this 2015 OECD report on fragility, as the end of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) draws closer, there has been progress witnessed given that extreme poverty has been halved worldwide. However, the majority of...[more]

Family Farming


According to FAO, the PAA Africa programme shows how integrating agricultural interventions with social transfers (social safety nets) for poverty reduction can help promote the productive inclusion into the market of subsistence...[more]

Rural development


While the authors of this book do not claim to offer a one-size-fit-all solution to the many challenges facing rural development; they are of the opinion however, that crafting development strategies requires understanding how...[more]

The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy report shows how CAP and EU development policies could work together.[more]

Food security


IFPRI’s flagship report puts into perspective the major food policy issues, developments, and decisions in 2014 and highlights challenges and opportunities for 2015. The report highlights among other crucial queries, how the...[more]



Environmental risks figure prominently among the biggest risks in the coming decade. A World Economic Forum publication states that water crises rank highest in terms of impact.[more]



A new book published by CTA and CGIAR describes innovative climate-smart agriculture practices with the capacity to increase productivity and build resilience in Africa. [more]



A new report from the WorldFish Center has found that more of the very poor in Bangladesh are profiting from commercial aquaculture than was previously thought. It has also been revealed that employment created by aquaculture is...[more]

Climate change


There is need to strengthen the role of genetic resources and help farmers, fishers and foresters cope with climate change says FAO’s new book.[more]


25-27 August 2015 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

7th ICSA International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture for Food, Energy and Industry in Regional and Global Context

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7-11 September 2015 - Durban, South Africa

The XIV World Forestry Congress

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16-18 September 2015 - Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany

Tropentag 2015

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SAIREC 2015 Conferences on Renewable Energy

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4-7 October 2015- Rome,Italy

The First International Congress on Postharvest Loss Prevention

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4-10 October 2015 - Heidelberg University, Germany

7th German-Brazilian Symposium for Sustainable Development - Interaction between earth resources and processes and human societies

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1-5 November 2015 - Antalya, Turkey

2nd International Plant Breeding Congress

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19-22 November 2015 - Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria Hotel Manila, Philippines

Moringa Symposium and Congress

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25 November  2015 - Berlin, Germany

The Global Bioeconomy Summit (Call for Contributions - Interactive Session

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17-22 July 2016 - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Tenth International Rangeland Congress (IRC) “The Future Management of Grazing and Wild Lands in a High Tech World”

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