The role of forests in food security is often overlooked, but it is essential. However, to measure the socioeconomic benefits from forests, data collection must focus on people, and not on only trees, notes a recently pubished...[more]



IFPRI’s recently published book perceives that the work of agricultural researchers and development workers in Africa has the potential to significantly improve the lives of the poor. But that potential can only be realised with...[more]



With timely, individually targeted technical and financial support, small farms in remote areas can become viable small businesses, and key contributors to their countries' food security and long-term development, argues a new...[more]



Fish farming holds tremendous promise in responding to surging demand for food. However, the sector’s sustainability is seriously threatened by harmful practices and poor management.[more]



In a two-part study FAO focuses on determining the status of fisheries stocks at the ecosystem level taking into consideration the varieties of species, their interactions and other factors that cannot be understood by looking at...[more]



An ever growing number of partner countries of German Development Cooperation are considered to be fragile states. The findings are now available of GIZ-commissioned studies carried out by the Institute for Development Studies on...[more]



The report takes an analytical perspective at Africa’s recent economic performance and provides medium- to long-term growth projections, while highlighting how Africa’s engagement in global trade can boost the continent’s...[more]

Social security


Social safety nets are an important ingredient for building and strengthening social contracts between states and their citizens. However, in terms of global social safety net coverage, countries at lower levels of income face...[more]

Development policy


By boosting agriculture, which affects two thirds of the continent's population, Africa can not only reduce poverty and inequality but also has the potential to feed itself. However, in the absence of a flourishing agricultural...[more]

Rural development


Quantifying the relative and absolute contribution of environmental income to total income portfolios is important for not only understanding the livelihoods of rural people, but also for designing effective development and...[more]



Multinational trading companies have historically played a major role in the international banana trade, exerting substantial market power in particular on the purchasing side. The scope of their operations and their influence on...[more]

Climate change


The Climate Change 2014 report notes that future risks from a changing climate depend strongly on the amount of future climate change. Increasing magnitudes of warming increase the likelihood of severe and pervasive impacts that...[more]



The report examines some of the underlying causes of deforestation and forest degradation. It describes possible solutions in the context of a wider transition to an inclusive Green Economy, which is vital to achieving the...[more]



The flagship report of UN-Water, the WWDR 2014 is an authoritative status report on global freshwater resources highlighting the need for policies and regulatory frameworks which recognise and integrate approaches to water and...[more]



How can women have better access to resources, information and financial services to enable them effectively participate in livestock production and marketing? These are the main issues of a new book by the International...[more]

Food security


IFPRI‘s Global Food Policy Report 2013, the third in an annual series, reviews major food policy developments and trends over the last year, documents emerging issues, examines key challenges and opportunities, and sets an agenda...[more]

Food security


Climate change, population, and income growth will drive food demand in the coming decades. A new publication examines which current and potential strategies offer solutions to fight hunger. [more]



Freshwaters are incredibly diverse habitats: they cover less than 1 per cent of the Earth’s surface yet are home to 35 per cent of all vertebrate species. Sadly, freshwater life is declining at an alarming rate faster than any...[more]



Global trade in seafood is on the rise. Supplying fish sustainably, producing it without depleting productive natural resources and without damaging the precious aquatic environment is a huge challenge, says a new report. [more]

Food security


EU agricultural policy is increasing the risk of hunger in poor countries, according to the latest Germanwatch study on world food security. The organisation calls for a thorough reform of the industrialised countries’...[more]


18-20 August 2014 - Brisbane, Australia

International Symposium on Indigenous Vegetables

Information: Website | Contact  

1-3 September 2014 - Montpellier , France

SPS 2014 – Sustainable Phosphorus Summit

Information: Website | Contact  

2-11 September 2014 - Karl Kübel Institute for Development Education, Coimbatore, India

10 days training Workshops on "Food and Nutrition Security - FNS"

Information: Website | Contact

3-6 September 2014 - Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, Hurup Thy, Denmark

6th International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture for Food, Energy and Industry in Regional and Global Context

Information: Website | Contact  

10-12 September 2014 - Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg, Heide-Süd Campus, Germany

Plant Nutrition 2014 - From Basic Understanding to Better Crops

Information: Website  | Contact

18-19 September 2014 - TU Dortmund University, Germany

“Multilocality in the Global South and North: Factors, features and policy implications”

Information: Website | Contact 

23-25 September 2014 - Savoy Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina

5th GFRAS Annual Meeting 2014 Argentina RAS policies – evidence and practice

Information: Website | Contact  

24-25 September 2014 - Terneuzen, The Netherlands

3rd International Seaweed Conference 

Information: Website  |  Contact 

7-10 October 2014 - Humidtropics, Conference Center of IITA in Ibadan, Nigeria

Systems Research for Sustainable Intensification in Smallholder Agriculture - Humidtropics Integrated Systems Conference

Information: Website | Contact  

27-30 October 2014 - Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC), Nairobi, Kenya

6th All Africa Conference on Animal Agriculture: Africaís Animal Agriculture: Macro-trends and future opportunities

Information: Website | Contact 

27 October - 1 November 2014 - Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC) Bangkok, Thailand

4th International Rice Congress (IRC2014) 

Information: Website | Contact 

15-23 November 2014 - North-South Centre - European Centre for Global Interdependence and Solidarity, Lissabon, Portugal

Global Education Week 2014 Ernährungssicherheit -Lebensmittelverschwendung 

Information: Website | Contact

19-21 November 2014 - Rome

Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2)

Information: Website | Contact

7-9 January 2015 - The Empress Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand

1st International Conference on Asian Highland Natural Resources Management 

Information: Website | Contact  

3 - 6 March 2015 - Stuttgart, Germany

2nd International Congress Hidden Hunger - Hidden Hunger, Childhood Development and Long-term Prospects for Society and Economy

Information: Website  | Contact  

24-27 August 2015 - Free University Berlin, Henry Ford Building, Berlin

XVIII. International Plant Protection Congress(IPPC)

Information: Website | Contact

19-22 November 2015 - Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria Hotel Manila, Philippines

Moringa Symposium and Congress

Information: Website | Contact

17-22 July 2016 - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Tenth International Rangeland Congress (IRC) “The Future Management of Grazing and Wild Lands in a High Tech World”

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