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Abubakar Hussaini, Thursday, 03-04-14 02:33

Nigerian Govt create more grazing reserves & social facilities for the nomadic, by going that the conflicts between the crop farmers will be contained

Amrit Patel, Wednesday, 26-03-14 18:30

Brief and precise presentation of views of different experts on the subject.It is difficult to grasp thinking of several presenters in the conference and it is even more difficult to translate into brief proceedings of the discussion in the meeting. My experience suggests thst in developing countries more emphasis is given on " Lab to Land" meaning transfering the research findings to fields through " Seeing is Believing". However, equal importance must be given to the concept of " Land to Lab" meaning thereby that traditionally farmers particularly women have adjusted themselves with the nature to conduct farming operations that have proved to mitigate risks in farming. These field experiences should be appreciated by researchers and given due importance while deciding their new research programs in that agro-climatic regions. I would like to attach separately to Ms Silvia Richter my article on " Lab to Land & Land to Lab". for information. In the context of family farming this gives good deal of understanding for further improvements. Dr Amrit Patel

Patrick MILIMO, Saturday, 25-01-14 16:56

Dear Sir/Madame,
I'm interested in dryland plant products as raw materials for cosmetics, flavours and fragrances. In Addition to the economic importance, this will promote conservation and Management of the woodlands by increasing their appreciation by the local communities.

Would Kfw finance such enterprice? If it does, please advise me on how I may initiate the process.


Rosemary Mwanza, Monday, 09-12-13 14:12

Its still not clear to me how the owner of the ware house makes his/her money.

Elisabeth Petermann, Wednesday, 25-09-13 19:12

Interesting to do the exercise of calculating how many people could be fed, just to disproove the ones that keep saying we are heading for catastrophie. But its not at all new. The oldest reference I know is Francis Moore Lappé who researched the subject already in the early seventies!!!The larger challenge seems to be, how to get the greed/business out of food production in such a way that everybody has adequate access regardless of where they live and what their status is.
So it seems more a policy challenge or even a system fault.

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